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Carl Wilson - Commerical photographer based in Poole, Dorset

What ever format it needs to be shot on doesn’t matter. The important thing is the image. If you're looking for a photographer with flair, style, wit and an abundance of creativity, then you know who to call. Carl will knows exactly what you are trying to achieve, and knows how to achieve it.

Carl works nationwide in all kinds of locations depending on the project, and from his 3000 sq foot photography studio on two floors in Poole. Carl has produced commercial photography for many leading brands over the years including international shoots for Animal, RNLI, Lloyds Bank, Sunseeker, Fitness First and Kenwood to name but a few and produced some amazing results for smaller, local businesses with lower budgets. 

In response to any challenge you may throw at him – no matter how large or small, seemingly impossible or just simply bizarre … that’s his speciality. On location he has been known to hang out of aircraft;: chase boats from helicopters; shoot from moving motorcycles; risk electrocution, imprisonment and a damn good thumping just to get the shot.


From the relative safety of his studio Carl is just as intense, carefully controlling nuances of light and reflection to great effect. Capturing the awe of many thousands of pounds worth of motorcycle, people pulling surf moves 10 feet above the ground or just making a product look the best it can.


Whatever you want – Carl can shoot it!

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