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Photo and video studio rental in Dorset with Infinity cove and plenty of lighting etc.

A proper old school camera shop where they are happy to give chat and give advice  on what you need.

Formerly known as Calumet, they are the place for pretty much evrything photograpic.

With 30 years experience there is no better place to go for your digital printing and artwork copying. Bloody nice bloke too.

This family run business are the one stop shop for traditional  analogue photo supplies and high end digital papers. They always have their finger on the pulse when new products are released.Though they are family run they can also supply in bulk and do so to many of the colleges and universities around the UK.

Snaps is the place to go to have you film processed and your analogue prints done. Top place, getting busy and busier as the resurgence of traditional photography continues.

Great team of makeup artists and hair design for any event where you want thatextra special look.

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