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Light Painting a Dalek

This was a very interesting recent shoot. This is a life size model made by a skilled technician at the Bournemouth University. He used plans he found of the very first Dalek from 1963 and built it to show more traditional methods of model making that are used at Bournemouth University on the Product Design Course and not on many similar courses around the country.

To input light into some of the parts that were unlit I used a method called 'Light Painting' . This

is basically a long exposure and a powerful and directional led torch to make some of the components that are not illuminated, look as though they are. Its a simple procedure but takes a bit of a knack to get it just right and make it not look artificial.

A life size replica model of a 1963 Dalek from the first series of Dr Who.
1963 Dalek

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