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Very Wet Watch

As a commercial product photographer in Poole Dorset I have photographed many different products over the years from boats and cars to wetsuits, medical equipment and many many others. Some on location and others in the studio.

I have photographed watches before but this image needed a special treatment for the ‘hero’ shot. It is a waterproof watch made by the great watch brand Elliot Brown Watches.

We decided the best way to show its water proof qualities and its fantastic design we should shoot it underwater with bubbles. To achieve this I built a custom tank which was big enough for the shot and to get the pipe in for the bubbles but narrow enough so the watch could still be lit as well as possible. Other commercial photographers may have shot the watch out of the water separate from the bubbles and made a composite image. But I wanted this to be as real as possible. So shooting it in a tank made this possible with a minimum of retouching. The bubbles were made very simply with a pipe run from a small pump but took a little tweaking to get just the right effect. The shot was so well received that it featured on a bill board.

As commercial product photographers in the Bournemouth and Poole area we relish such a challenge. The second part of the process involved a small bit of retouching to remove bubbles in the wrong place and clean up any marks on the watch to make sure everything was just right.

I have been a commercial photographer now for many years but still get excited when the challenge to come up with something a bit different lands on the desk.

If you have a product of any type that needs great commercial product photography in Bournemouth and Poole, Dorset area or any or further afield, then why not drop us an email or call me on 01202 620852.

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